Carrol Andrews Herber--works as an accountant and lives in Lake Forest, IL--family info
Carl Asprinio--senior executive with environmental firm, lives in Lithia, FL
Donald W. Barnes--retired as an engineer for GE and lives now in Noblesville, IN
Robert F. Baldwin--attorney, specializing in estate planning, lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
Jack S. Beldon, Jr.--chairman of the UK division of the Goodyear Tire Co. at his death in England on 10-18-1993
Paul A. Birmingham--retired insurance agent, living in Penn Yan, NY
Francis "Joe" Brang--retired executive for Phillips Electronics, lives in Dandridge, TN--family info--photo
Norma Bremner Mousaw--retired cartographic librarian, lives in Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Suzanne Burgess Fisher--works as a nurse and lives in South Windsor, CT
Albert Edward Byers--resides in Cicero, NY
Bette Jean Caswell Retchless--was living in Oldsmar, FL at the time of her death on 9-9-1995
Julie Cerone Roach--was a pharmacy manager in Pittsford, NY at her death on 5-28-1987--family info
Peter K. Chamberlin--retired salesman, living in Beech Mountain, NC--family info
Marguerite Conte Eller--homemaker, lived in Syracuse, NY, at her death on 2-13-2008
Franklin D. Cooper, Jr.--engineering executive, in Sumter, SC, at his death on 1-6-2004--family info
Margaret "Peggy" Coyne Lynch--medical technician, residing in Binghamton, NY, at her death on 3-6-1990
Lynne Creager
Michael M. Curry--lives in Pensacola, FL--family info
Mary Dickey Piscitelli--nursery school teacher, residing in Akron, NY--family info
Ronald H. Dix--retired from USAF and NYS Dept. of Agriculture and residing in Homer, NY
Shirley D'Orazio Rice--recently widowed, lives in E. Syracuse, NY
Barbara A. Emmons Gnassi--homemaker, living in Loch Arbour, NJ--photo
Phyllis Farber Lent
James J. "Skip" Fiore--retired bank president, lives in Verona, WI--family info
Pandoula "Pam" M. Ganotis--paralegal, living in Jamesville, NY
Esther Garrison Tanner--works as a veterinary assistant and lives in Pulaski, NY
Kenneth R. Gibbons--retired policeman, part-time pro football scout, lives in Cleveland, OH
Robert W. Hindman--retired laboratory director, lives in La Grange, IL and Brantingham, NY--family info
Lawrence E. Hoffman--believed to have been residing in Orchard Park, NY, at his death on 1-19-1994
Stephen Jecko--retired Episcopal Bishop of Florida, living in Plano, TX, at his death on 6-7-2007--web site--family info
Bessie Jones Carr Oschner--lives in Lafayette, NY
Diana Jordan Edwards--homemaker in Coventry, CT--family info
Francis Timothy Keough--lived in Jamesville and was an assistant district attorney at his death on  7-7-1995
Carolyn Kitto Rogers--wed John Rogers and is a homemaker in Greenwood, SC--family info
Jon Knudsen--contractor, lives in Leonard, TX--family info--photo
Margaret Ann Kuss--teaches at Fayetteville-Manlius and lives in Tully, NY
Shirley Landphier Schiumo--retired administrator at Aetna Insurance, lives in S. Windsor, CT
Crissman Lawrence--former USAF pilot and mortgage banker at his death in Scottsdale, AZ, on 10-5-2004--family info
David Lawrence--retired from Marsh & McLennan Ins. brokerage, lives in Liverpool, NY--photo
Helen Logan Welch--widowed, reading teacher, living in South Windsor, CT
James M. Longaker--lives in Cincinnatus, NY, where he is the former town supervisor
Sonya Lounsbury Ramsey--lived in Pompey at her death on 2-24-2008--family info
Frances Massa Messina--lives in Jamesville, NY, and works as an executive secretary at a hospital in Syracuse
Louis Massa--Ph.D. from Georgetown, chemistry professor at Hunter College, lives in NYC--web site
Robert J. McGrath--died in Syracuse, NY, on 9-5-1969
Kathryn Ann Mc Neill Apy--retired nurse, lives on Marco Island, FL
Diane Mesmer Douglas--living in Bailey, CO--family info
John J. "Butch" Middleton--retired from Chrysler Corp., lives in Liverpool, NY
Mary "Mimi" Motherwell Murray--educator, living in Canastota, NY--family info
Frances "Genie" Nash Doyle--president of a temporary employment firm, lives in Cloverdale, CA--family info
Charlotte  Powless Storm--lives in Vernon Center, NY
Albert M. Predmore--retired executive, lives in Brantingham, NY--family info
Nancy Reals Freeman--works as a school bus driver and lives in Jamesville, NY--photo
Carlos Sanchez-Reyes--former professor, now a publisher, diplomat and political leader in Valladolid, Spain--web site
Marcella "Marcy" Robelen Rutledge--divorced, interior designer in Stuart, FL--family info
John T. Rogers--VP, Federated Investors, wed Carolyn Kitto and lives in Greenwood, SC--family info
William R. Rounds, Jr.--retired draftsman living in Liverpool, NY, at his death on 2-19-2001
James T. Schad--retired NYSDOT transportation engineer, lives in Jamesville, NY--photo
John J. Schad--resided in Canandaigua, NY, at his death on 11-8-1992
Robert L. Schoel--a sales representative, now living in Green Valley, AZ--family info
Marcia Stratton Stapleton--works as a pre-school teacher and lives in Carlsbad, CA--family info
Harris Marshall Sullivan--was chief operator at WRC-TV in DC, lost in solo flight over the Atlantic in October, 2007--family info
Robert P. Swartz--MBA from the Wharton School, is a Defense Dept. official, living in Reston, VA--family info--web site
Robert H. Weight--teaches online business courses for the Univ. of Phoenix, lives in Denver--family info
Judith Wheeler Manning--was married to the late Bill Manning (JD '56),lives now in Winter Park, FL--family info
Sheila Ziegler Brittain--owner-director of a day school in Fayetteville, lives in Manlius, NY


Gerald Bova--resides in Lockport, NY
Edward DeLong--lives in Liverpool, NY and works in commercial real estate--family info
Gerald "Jerry" Seitz--MBA from Iona College, retired construction manager, recently wed and living in NYC, NY--family info
Brian "Buz" Farranto--lives in DeWitt and Big Moose, NY--family info
F. Mark Farrell--thought to be living in NM--family info
John McBride--lives in Menlo Park, CA, and practices law in San Jose, CA--family info
Richard Swett--former banking executive in Pittsburgh, now living in Stratham, NH --family info
Lance S. James--lives in Chapel Hill, NC--family info

Class of 1957, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
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